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We may need security services in all areas of life. There is a need for security, especially in places where there may be crowds of people and places where money flows. Shopping malls, workplaces and banks are a few of these places. Incidents such as mugging, robbery and armed attacks are common in these places. Bank Security We offer you quality security services and peace of mind with our services.

bank securityThe Importance of Bank Security

Many people have bank accounts and can go to banks frequently. In this crowd of people, security services must be kept at the highest level. Scor Security Services It creates a security chain for your needs. Risk situations are determined by making analyzes in and around the bank building. Armed and unarmed security personnel are arranged, and advanced camera and alarm systems are integrated. Detectors, sensitive doors, x-ray devices are also installed. Security personnel communicate with other employees and law enforcement officers, and immediate intervention is provided in suspicious situations. With the precautions taken, losses of life and property are tried to be prevented. Entries and exits are checked, identity checks and body searches are carried out.

Armed security personnel are on duty when transferring large amounts of money. The money is kept under surveillance until it reaches the desired destination. Surveillance is carried out around the money carried in the vehicle. Precautions are taken against any possibility of robbery or attack. Security personnel communicate with law enforcement officers.

Scor Security Services Privilege

Bank Security outside; We provide school security, hospital security, factory security, business center and plaza security, organization security, site and residential security, shopping mall security and close protection services. We have security services according to your needs. For detailed information about these services, you can review the blog posts on our website.

Our security personnel working in our company are fully trained and experienced. The technological equipment we use is compatible with current technology. He is competent in the use of technological equipment and has the authority to possess weapons. We aim to provide you with better quality services by following the developing technology and agenda.

You can contact us to get detailed information from our company and benefit from the services. Our address information, telephone number and e-mail address are included on the contact page of our website.