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Close Protection with ScorGuvenlik Different

People; It also requires security, which is among the basic needs such as nutrition and shelter. The increasing demand for the security sector has led to the establishment of private security institutions. Among the duties offered by private security institutions: close protection The need is also very popular today. Close protection can be defined as people who are responsible for protecting a person or institution against dangers, with or without the use of weapons, for a certain fee. close protection service It is carried out only by people who have received the necessary training and can meet the necessary conditions.

What Does a Close Protection Officer Do?

Close Protection

Close protection service provided by people with a private security certificate fulfills the duty of protecting a person, object or a certain institution against potential dangers in line with the assigned duties. close protection personnel or people who want to become close protection officers must have high reflexes and endurance. Close protection service, which is among the professions that pose a life-threatening risk, is carried out by specially trained people. Thanks to the special training given to close protection, protection service can be provided without harming the safety of life and property. As SCOR security, we provide training to our personnel by having them perform both theoretical and practical applications by experts and experienced people in both the close protection service and the other security services we offer.

How to Become a Close Protection?  

People who want to be close body guards must remain calm and cool-headed in harsh environments, battlefields, or extremely dense, tense crowds, and must eliminate all dangers that may come to the person they are protecting. For this reason, it is very important that close guards work very carefully and meticulously. Close protection must be aware of possible risks in advance and ensure that the necessary security measures are taken. In order to become a close guard, it is necessary not to have committed any crime, to graduate from high school or an equivalent institution, to successfully pass the private security exam, to meet the required physical qualifications and to be a Turkish citizen. of persons close protection To be eligible, you must have a certificate. The certificate can be obtained by registering with the relevant institutions, receiving the necessary training and being successful.