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scor security services corporate

"A Safer Perspective"


score Private Security Services

In a rapidly changing world, the search for individuals and institutions to live and work in safer and freer environments necessitates private security activities as a complementary element in addition to conventional security units. Established to respond to this search of individuals and institutions SCOR PRIVATE SECURITY SERVICES It provides effective, high-quality and professional security services for a safer and more peaceful life by creating new security concepts.

Scor Quality Standards

It is essential to take precautions against crime or threats that may be encountered in the natural flow of life and to always be active and effective in ensuring peace and security. “UNDERSTANDING OF SCOR QUALITY STANDARDSFollowing the technological innovations and security methods that develop day by day within the framework of " SCOR PRIVATE SECURITY SERVICES It provides a professional service with its expert management team and trained personnel. Our team, which constantly updates its technical knowledge against all security violations that may be encountered in daily life, is always ready to serve in every area where security is needed, with a modern vision.

Quality policy

Scor Security Services has determined the policies of aiming at total quality, focusing on process management, having measurement and evaluation practices, identifying possible risks and providing preventive and protective security services as indisputable quality policies for itself.

our vision

To be the most suitable choice in the sector with its qualified, trouble-free, reliable, innovative and quality services in the fields of Private Security & Private Protection.

Our Mission

It has made it its mission to provide a quality, professional and successful security service that values its customers, adheres to ethical values, and is responsible towards the people it serves and the society.

  • reliable service,
  • Full compliance with the law,
  • Ethical values,
  • Smooth and principled,
  • Customer satisfaction focused,
  • Protecting human rights and freedoms,
  • Trained and equipped,
  • Following and using modern technological developments,
  • It aims to offer a new security vision.
  • affordable cost,
  • Specialization in the sector,
  • Security service suitable for quick response or customer service,
  • flexible operations,
  • Quality service,
  • After-sales support to the customer
  • Customer-centered and performance-oriented
  • Protecting corporate reputation,
  • To be a preferred security company
  • Excellence in security service has adopted its strategies.
  • Reliable and honest,
  • Transparent,
  • TRUE,
  • Based on information and references,
  • Entrepreneur,
  • Responsible,
  • Productive,
  • Providing measurable and evaluable service,
  • Professional,
  • Giving importance to data and information confidentiality,
  • It acts with values that give importance to communication.