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Private Security Services

We want to be safe in the homes we live in, the workplaces we work in, and the places we go to spend time. For example, many people are together in shopping malls. It is important to ensure the safety of life and property in this crowd of people. Private security Our services help you in this regard.

There is a flow of money especially in shopping malls, banks and business centers. In order for business to run smoothly, the security system must be at a high level. As the human population increases, the rate of crime may also increase. Unfortunately, today we see incidents such as mugging, robbery and attack.

private security servicesPrivate Security Services Privileges

Score Security; It provides services in the fields of shopping mall security, hospital security, business center and plaza security, school security, hotel security, factory and facility security, organization security and close protection. In the region we serve, a risk analysis is made by first examining the positive and negative aspects. A strategic plan is created in line with this analysis. Security personnel are selected in line with this planning. security system To complete the project, cameras, alarms, detectors and necessary technological devices are placed.

Due to increasingly difficult living conditions, the need for private security companies and private security personnel is increasing. People who need security services should choose companies experienced in this field. As Scor Security, the security personnel working in our company are experienced people who have successfully completed the necessary training in their field. The technological equipment we use is also compatible with developing technology.

Our company is working to increase security measures with developing technology. When necessary, training is also provided to our security personnel.

Private security The services we provide in and other areas are available in the blog section of our website. You can contact us to get detailed information and benefit from the services of our company Scor Security. Our contact page includes our address information, e-mail address and phone number.