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School Safety Privileges

The need for security is a permanent need that has existed from past to present. The need for security is of vital importance in ensuring the safety of life and property of the person. We need the security that is needed in almost every field, also in the school environment where we leave our children and loved ones. For students, teachers and other school staff school safety privileges We offer.

Along with changing technologies, some innovations have emerged in security services. As Scor Security, we follow the developments in the security sector and bring a new breath to the sector. In this regard, we care that our children, who represent our future, receive education in a peaceful and safe environment.

The Importance of School Security and Privileges in School Security

School Safety Privileges

Schools, which are educational centers, are units where children of all age groups, educators and other personnel work. Therefore, within the scope of school security, the safety of not only children but also teachers and other staff should be ensured. Risks that may occur within the school are detected by security cameras, and in case of any fight that may arise, professional security guards who are experts in their field intervene in the incident. Control of entrances and exits within the school is also school safety privileges is in. Bringing sharp objects or firearms into the school from outside, going out without permission during school hours, or the presence of inappropriate people around the school or displaying disturbing attitudes endangers school security. For this reason, the school security officer must detect all possible problems in advance and take the necessary precautions.

What are the Duties of a School Security Officer?

School security requires recognizing and intervening in risks that may occur both within the school and around the school. In this regard, the school security officer has many responsibilities. When choosing a school, the region where the school is located, the facilities offered by the school, as well as the security measures of the school are among the issues that families pay attention to recently. The school security officer is responsible for ensuring the safety of life and property of the students, teachers and staff entrusted to him. The responsibilities of the school security officer can generally be listed as follows;

  • Recognizing threats that may occur within the school and taking precautions,
  • Preventing the entry of cutting and injurious materials into the school,
  • To prevent incidents such as mugging and theft that may occur within the school,
  • To evacuate quickly and safely in situations such as fire and earthquake that may occur within the school,
  • Preventing risks that may occur outside the school is among the duties of the school security officer.

How to Eliminate Risk Factors in School Safety?

scor security school and education center securityIn order to continue the education process in a healthy way school security privileges It is important in its context. A safe school environment allows students, teachers, staff and visitors to the school to communicate and receive education safely without encountering any threats. Ensuring school safety is very important for parents, teachers and school administration. In order to ensure school safety, a crisis plan should be made in case of emergency. Necessary precautions should be taken in relevant places in order to eliminate the risks that may occur within the framework of the crisis plan. Security camera system should be used.

To ensure the safety of life and property, cameras should be placed in the schoolyard in many corners of the school. Thanks to the camera system, resolving the risks arising will be accelerated. School administration and school security should monitor the camera system. If the school security guard detects any risk or danger on camera, he must intervene immediately and eliminate the risk.

What should a safe school environment be like for safe education?

Many families are doing research on how to provide a safe school environment. school security guardIn case of any incident, the company must first intervene and contact law enforcement, provided that it ensures its own safety. He/she must comply with the school's timetable and be on duty at the required hours. He/she must perform his duties politely and monitor school entrances and exits. It should be determined whether harmful substances that threaten human health are sold in the school and its surroundings. If detected, the school administration and law enforcement must be notified immediately.

Security guards at the school should not sit in the canteen, offices, stairs or cafeterias and should always set a good example for students. score security We provide professional service to our personnel, whom we train with the understanding of quality standards, by constantly updating their technical knowledge against all security violations that may be encountered in daily life. In this regard, parents, students, educators and staff consider vital school security services You can contact us to get detailed information about.