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Scor Security Close Protection

The quality of safety in the work you do or where you work is important for the productivity of employees. Especially in large business centers, when there are many employees and people entering and exiting, security becomes a necessity. If you need special protection service for your work Scor Security Close Protection We help you with our service.

scor security close protectionScor Security Close Protection Services

For people who want special protection, we first listen to their requests. In line with these requests, we arrange armed or unarmed protection and special equipment. Security personnel who will perform special protection are people who have completed their training and are experienced in this field. Scor Security We aim to provide a high level of quality service to our customers who request service from us. Security personnel working in our company receive training on current developments. In addition, by receiving training on developing technology, their command of electronic equipment is increased to the highest level. Personnel assigned for close protection work according to the timetable of the person they are protecting.

Criteria Required to Become Close Protection

Scor Security Close Protection There are some characteristics that the security personnel assigned to the company must have. We can list these features as follows:

  • Must have the desired physical characteristics (height and weight).
  • It is necessary to be in good physical and mental health.
  • Must have completed private security training.
  • Must be over 21 years of age.
  • At least a high school graduate must complete his/her education.
  • Must receive weapons training and have a gun carrying license.
  • Must receive training in close martial arts.
  • He must ensure the confidentiality of the person he protects.
  • Must have knowledge of a foreign language.
  • Must comply with the required dress code.
  • Must be trained in diction.
  • He must not have a criminal record on his record.
  • Must be able to use computers and have knowledge about technology.
  • Must be experienced in driving.
  • Persons performing special protection must have strong reflexes and be cautious against any danger that may arise.

As Scor Security; We provide many services in the fields of school security, shopping mall security, site and residence security, workplace security, hotel security, factory security, organization and event security and close protection. You can visit our website to get detailed information about our services. You can easily contact us via our contact number and e-mail address.