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Shopping Mall Security

Shopping malls, where many people come together for different reasons, host millions of people. In shopping malls; Many activities such as shopping, entertainment, eating and drinking are carried out. Therefore shopping mall security It is extremely important. The increasing number of shopping malls has made it necessary for private security institutions to take security measures to ensure order inside and to prevent possible incidents such as theft, mugging and pickpocketing. SCOR security With our well-equipped and experienced team, we ensure the security of shopping malls that host many visitors.

The Importance of Shopping Mall Security

Shopping Mall Security

Shopping malls, the number of which has increased in recent years, are new entertainment areas where people spend time. Shopping malls appeal to all age groups with their different stores and different concept designs. Shopping malls, which attract attention and are very popular with the developing technology, have also made it necessary to take security measures. The security of shopping malls is generally; Camera and alarm systems, control of parking lot and shopping mall entrances and exits are provided by a sufficient number of security guards according to the size of the shopping mall and the number of doors.

What are the Responsibilities of the Shopping Mall Security Guard?

People need to feel safe and peaceful in order to shop freely and comfortably. For this reason, the shopping mall security guard should control people's entrance to the shopping mall area. Elements that may pose a threat to the life and property safety of others or oneself within the shopping center must be prevented. Visitors entering the shopping mall must pass through the door detector and leave metal and sharp objects on them. The person's bag or suitcase is passed through the X-Ray device and the inside of the bag or suitcase is checked. If necessary, the shopping mall security guard can search the visitor with a hand detector. In addition, security cameras should be placed in blind spots in order to prevent possible dangers within the shopping mall. In this way, precautions are taken against possible risks and risks can be intervened immediately.

What are the privileges in shopping mall security?

Scor Security service, which provides services with its deep-rooted experience and strong infrastructure in the field of security services, provides shopping mall security smoothly and with high quality, based on customer satisfaction. Aiming to offer a new security vision, SCOR security continues to maintain its leadership in the private security service sector with smart technologies and affordable prices. shopping mall security You can contact us to benefit from and more services.