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Most of us escape from the tiredness of life and are interested in certain activities. Sports comes first among these activities. Sport is a profession for some of us and an activity for others. There are organizations in various countries to keep this activity alive worldwide. Sports Organizations Millions of people come to the area where the organization will be held. So how is the security of this area and the people coming in ensured? As Scor Security, we serve you in this field and in many other security areas.

sports organizationsImmediate Safety Measures for Sports Organizations

The first thing that comes to our mind before participating in organizations is how the security of these organizations is ensured. The security of these organizations is kept at the highest level and every detail of the area is checked and examined. To ensure security, the first step is to identify areas with security vulnerabilities, including the internal and external locations of the area where the organization will be held, and prepare a report. With this report, the area is planned. In line with this planning, the necessary security equipment and security personnel are arranged.

Security equipment, X-RAY devices, security cameras, sensitive doors, hand detectors, etc. is set to be . These equipment are maintained regularly. Our security personnel have fully completed the necessary training. They have knowledge about technological devices and work in coordination with the equipment.

Our security personnel Sports Organizations Our guests who come for this purpose have the right to be identified. They also have the authority to check the inside of their hand luggage for the slightest suspicious item seen in their hand luggage placed in X-RAY devices. For our guests passing through sensitive doors, our security personnel will search them with hand detectors if the sensitive door reacts.

We are on duty with our private security personnel and police teams in the area where the organization will be held, between the start and end times of the organization, to ensure the life safety of our athletes and guests. In addition, in case of any health situation or fire, we also have ambulance and fire brigade personnel in indoor and outdoor areas.

Scor Security Services

With Scor Security, we make security plans according to your needs. We arrange the necessary equipment and personnel in these plans and serve you. Our security personnel are professionals in their field and our security equipment is in compliance with the technology. Our equipment is maintained regularly, once a month, and care is taken to avoid any security vulnerabilities.

Sports Organizations To get information about our security and other security areas, you can contact us through our contact number and e-mail address on our website. You can also read our blog posts.