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What are Close Protection Services?

Close protection is the person responsible for making the daily life of individuals or institutions safer. In order for close guards to work, they must meet certain conditions and complete some training. Alright What are close protection services? And let's talk about how to be.

What are Close Protection Services?What are Close Protection Services?

The scope of work performed by close guards can be determined in line with the demands and needs of the person or institution they serve. Close guards, who are responsible for protecting an object, a person or an institution, ensure that the person or institution they protect is safe, within the scope of risk factors and security vulnerabilities. Close body guards can work armed or unarmed, depending on the training they receive and the needs of the person or institution they protect.  Scor Security In our company, we offer special protection services according to your needs; We have trained, experienced and knowledgeable security personnel in this field.

Qualifications of Close Protection Officer

Close protection service can be provided by a single bodyguard or as a team. Within the scope of the security needs of the person or institution to be protected, a single person close guard or a team or teams of close guards can serve. close protection We can list the things that officers must have as follows:

  • Having knowledge of at least one foreign language.
  • Trained in diction.
  • Must know business ethics and responsibilities.
  • Must be trained in martial arts and weapons use.
  • If an armed guard is to be used, he/she must have a license to carry a gun.
  • Must be experienced in driving.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with law enforcement.
  • Must have the ability to make quick decisions and have strong reflexes.
  • He must know the laws of the place he is guarding.
  • He should pay attention to his appearance and cleanliness.
  • Must be under observation at all times and be able to act quickly in case of possible danger.
  • Must have successfully completed the required security training.
  • He must be able to keep the private information of the person he is protecting.
  • Must be able to pass the required health tests.

Scor Security The services we provide have certain quality standards. A security system is created as a single person or as a team, according to the requests of our customers who want special protection. If you would like to benefit from our close protection services, you can easily contact us via our contact number on our website or via e-mail address.