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What are Private Security Services?

We have the right to own property and business management. In this case, the property safety of our business and the life safety of our employees are important. By individuals and institutions private security services It is among the subjects protected by . As Scor Security, we take the highest level of precautions for the life and property safety of our customers. For this purpose, we play an active role in living areas such as business environment, residence and home.

private security services

Private sector and public areas encounter many risky situations during the day. Particular attention is paid to places where hundreds of people are present at the same time, such as hotels, hospitals and healthcare institutions. Private security units provide services to prevent or reduce the effects of fire, theft, extortion, robbery and possible terrorist incidents. We provide quality service by following new developments.

What Does Private Security Services Cover?

Professional in residences, plazas, shopping malls and organizations security guard We stand out with our teams of friends. The positive and negative aspects of the service area are examined in detail. Then, following certain processes carried out within the scope of risk analysis, the strategic plan is decided. Many technological devices such as necessary security personnel, advanced camera and alarm systems, and detectors are integrated in line with the plan.

The need for private security companies is increasing due to living conditions becoming more difficult day by day. It is especially important that advanced security systems and expert teams work in cooperation. We provide services in various areas such as close protection, consultancy and ensuring the security of areas requested by people. The security personnel working in our company are experienced people who have successfully completed the necessary training in their field.

With our experienced management team, our team of experts who follow innovations, we provide close protection and private security services We provide. Our private security services; It is available in many areas such as hospital security, factory security, school security, shopping mall security, close protection services, organization security, site and residential security. We have detailed information in the blog posts on our website.

If you would like to receive professional service, just contact us. Our phone number and e-mail address are included on our contact page.