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Scor Quality Standards

It is essential to always be active and effective in order to take precautions against crime or elements of threat that can be encountered in the normal flow of life and to ensure peace and security. Under “Understanding Scor Quality Standards”, Scor Private Security Services, which follows technological innovations and security methods being developed day by day, offers professional service with expert management personnel and trained personnel. Our team, which constantly updates its technical information against all security breaches that you may encounter in daily life, is always ready to serve in any field that needs security with a modern vision.

Quality Policy

It has identified policies that aim at total quality, focus on operations management, practice measurement and evaluation, identify potential risks, and provide preventive and protective security services as indisputable quality policies for themselves.


To be the most appropriate choice in the sector with its qualified, hassle-free, reliable, innovative and quality services in the fields of private security and private protection.


It has undertaken the mission of providing a high quality, professional and successful security service, as well as being accountable to the people and society who value the customer, adhere to ethical values and take responsibility for the service.


    • Aims at reliable service,
    • full compliance with the law,
    • ethical values,
    • smooth and principled,
    • customer oriented satisfaction,
    • protection of human rights and freedoms, educated and equipped,
    • follow-up and use of modern technological developments,
    • presenting a new security vision.


  • It has adopted affordable cost,
  • industry specialization,
  •  appropriate security service for quick response or customers,
  • flexible operations,
  • quality of service,
  • customer support after sales,
  • customer centric and performance oriented, protecting the company’s reputation,
  • being the preferred security company,
  • and excellence in security servic strategies .


  • Acts with trustworthy and honest values, transparent,
  • correct,
  • based on information and references, entrepreneurial,
  • responsible,
  • productive,
  • provide measurable and evaluable service, professional,
  • give importance to data and information privacy, attach importance to communication.


Güvenlik Danışmanlığı

Security Consulting

You will always be one step ahead of the security consulting that you will receive from our employees, whose founders and directors specialize in the security sector and have long-standing experience in the public and private security fields. We are with you whenever you need our professional security consulting service, which includes the new security concepts we’ve created and the security strategies we’ve outlined.

Organizasyon Güvenliği

Organization Security

We provide the security of your events and institutions such as weddings, openings, concerts, seminars, exhibitions and festivals with our expert and trained team. First of all, a risk analysis of the enterprise area is carried out and dangerous areas are identified. At least 4 hours before the event, the responsible personnel will come to the area and take their places. We guarantee the security of the area until the departure of the guests. We provide a professional private security service for successful and trouble-free organizations.

Güvenlik Danışmanlığı

Personal Protection

People and families who wish to benefit from a personal protection service are protected from all potential dangers and threats by our specially trained and specialized team in direct protection, whether on foot or by car, and are defended when necessary. The people and families to whom we provide private and close professional protection services feel safe and lead a peaceful and happy life.

Konut ve Site Güvenliği

Apartment and Complex Security

We provide you with the security of your residence and complex with our qualified staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that you can spend a safer and more peaceful time with your loved ones. We provide continuous security service in line with risk analysis prepared according to free detection, examination and evaluation carried out by our expert staff. Our employees, who are involved in site and home security, are familiar with special security legislation, are aware of their powers and responsibilities, and have gained experience through theoretical and practical training offered at different times and in subjects. Therefore, they act consciously that they represent the security and image of your home or site.

AVM Güvenliği

Mall Security

Shopping centers (malls) are social areas where private security services must be performed with greater sensitivity and accuracy. In addition to security and protection services, private security personnel assigned to shopping centers have to successfully perform other tasks such as organizing, organizing, motivating and directing. We carry out security and protection services in a professional manner with our qualified personnel who are familiar with the special security legislation, are aware of their authority / responsibilities and fully aware of the features of the equipment they use, with effective communication and coordination, and with ongoing successful teamwork.

İş Merkezi & Plaza Güvenliği

Business Center & Plaza Security

We guarantee the safety of business centers and plazas, where companies and organizations that make up the business world are located, with our qualified personnel. Using electronic control systems, we monitor, control and regulate the entrances and exits of the business center in effective coordination. In this way, we ensure the safety of the lives of employees and visitors in the business center, while at the same time preventing possible damage by taking measures for the safety of the property. We act in line with our values, and we operate with the principle “Your safety is our priority”.

Okul Güvenliği

School Security

In order for our children to continue their educational life safely, we ensure that they are safe from external threats by controlling the entrances and exits of the school. Initially, a risk analysis is carried out for our security educational institution, dangerous areas are identified and the most appropriate electronic security system is created accordingly. This way we take precautions against many undesirable events that may occur inside and outside the school. Without forgetting that our children are our future, we work hard to ensure that they get an education in a safer environment.

Hastane Güvenliği

Hospital Security

It is possible to prevent the behavioral reactions of patients, their relatives and hospital staff, to monitor the hospital environment electronically 24/7, to intervene correctly and in a timely manner with serious coordination and teamwork. We provide uninterrupted hospital security with our security personnel who will work in line with risk analysis prepared according to discovery, examination and evaluation to be conducted free of charge by our expert staff.

Fabrika Güvenliği

Factory Security

Initially, a risk analysis is carried out in the factory to which we provide security, the identification of dangerous areas and the creation of an electronic security system. Entrances and exits to the factory are controlled and the factory is monitored 24/7 with cameras. In this way, we take the necessary measures to prevent harm to the life and safety of the equipment and personnel in the plant. With our state-of-the-art technology equipment, we create a peaceful area in your factories and provide a professional security and protection service by eliminating threats and dangers that may come from outside.

Professional Security Service

In a rapidly changing world, the search for individuals and organizations to live and work in safer and freer environments requires special security activities as a complement in addition to traditional security units. Scor Private Security Services was created to respond to this search for individuals and organizations, creating new security concepts and providing effective, high quality and professional security services for a safer and more peaceful life.

Who are we?

Scor Private Security Services, which closely follows technological developments and defines new security strategies, was created to respond to the search for individuals and organizations to live and work in safer and freer environments. It provides professional private security services and VIP personal protection services through its experts, experienced management personnel and trained personnel.

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