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Hotel Security

The basic principle of hotel security consists of ensuring that guests stay in a safe environment and spend their holidays peacefully. At this point, it is important for private security officers to be able to communicate effectively and have sufficient knowledge and experience. Hotel Security We help you with our services in the field.

Hotel Security

Hotel Security Services

Scor Security offers professional solutions by creating security concepts in line with the location and characteristics of the hotel. Controlling hotel entrances and exits, taking security measures supported by electronic security systems in and around the hotel, ensuring the security of meetings, events and organizations held in the hotel, determining and implementing measures to be taken in case of emergency, are qualified private security It is carried out by our staff. The personnel assigned to ensure security at the hotel are knowledgeable and experienced in their field.

Hotels are the most preferred places for accommodation in holiday regions, especially during the summer months. Apart from the necessary security personnel, it is important to use technological security systems such as cameras, alarms, detectors and x-ray devices in the hotel.

Things Done to Ensure Security in Hotels

Since hotels serve many people, good security is also of great importance for customers staying in hotels. One of the issues that people pay attention to when choosing a hotel is security. Therefore, keeping the security level at the maximum level plays an important role in their choosing you. Some of the duties of security personnel in hotels are as follows:

  • Security personnel are always in communication with the reception and intervene in case of possible danger.
  • Many common areas such as parking areas and dining areas should be under supervision and control.
  • The hotel's fire exits are checked regularly. In case of any accident or natural disaster, the hotel should be able to be easily evacuated.
  • Records of people entering and leaving the hotel must be kept, their bodies must be scanned and their bags must pass through x-ray devices.
  • There should be patrol teams inside and outside the hotel and inspect it.

Apart from hotels and business centers, we also provide professional security services for hospitals, factories, shopping malls, housing estates and apartment buildings. If you are looking for a professional private security company for hotel security in Istanbul, contact us immediately. Scor Security You can contact us and get detailed information.