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Many people apply to hospitals for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Security is an issue that requires high sensitivity in hospitals. In this sense hospital security services are carefully monitored by experts. We work for human health day and night. Studies are continued for the diagnosis of diseases and various health-threatening situations. It is also important to create a safe environment while carrying out these studies.

Hospital Security

Services are provided to individuals receiving treatment, patient relatives, visitors and healthcare professionals. It is visited by a large number of people 24/7 without interruption. For this reason, various events occur that may endanger the safety of life and property. We serve you for the safety of our healthcare professionals and other patients. As Scor Security, we have been standing out in the sector for many years thanks to our advanced security systems. We ensure your safety with our competent and experienced team members in the field of private security. We have many security services tailored to your needs.

Hospital Security Duties

Public institutions and organizations are areas where negative events in terms of security may occur. Especially healthcare institutions and hospitals are areas where the highest level of security measures must be taken. hospital security duties includes identifying possible risk factors. Possible situations can then be prevented with the precautions taken.

Hospital Security

Private security guards in hospitals operate by concentrating on certain points. Attention is paid to areas determined as a result of risk analysis, especially entry and exit points. At the same time, areas that threaten the safety of individuals within the hospital are monitored. Thanks to electronic equipment such as alarm and camera systems, security vulnerabilities can be prevented in advance. In case of disasters such as fire or earthquake, fire escapes are checked and rapid evacuation is ensured.

As Scor Security Services, we take an active role in various fields such as security consultancy, close protection, business center and plaza security, school security, organization security, shopping mall security, site and residential security, factory and facility security. hospital security You can contact us to get information about our privileges and other services. Our address, e-mail address and telephone numbers are included in the contact section of our website.