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What is Workplace Safety?

Business centers and plazas are the frequent points where commercial relations are carried out today. It is also important to ensure safety in workplaces. In this sense, users What is workplace safety? Questions such as questions and requirements are wondered. As Scor Security, we prevent situations that could put people's health at risk in plazas and workplaces. The risk map of the current region is created. Then, we provide services with the latest technological systems and our expert staff.

Situations that threaten the security of the business center, such as natural disasters, possible terrorist incidents, theft and extortion, are responded to immediately. Situations such as inspection of common areas and control during cargo distribution are included in the scope of private security services. Security services are provided to business centers and plazas with the cooperation of new generation electronic systems and competent employees.

What is Workplace Safety?

How to Ensure Workplace Safety? 

As the population rate increases in recent years, the security of business centers reaches a critical point. The health of the people within it must be protected. At the same time, the security of immovable properties that have a certain financial value is also included. Numerous factors need to be taken into account, such as environmental and internal factors. These can be exemplified as the location of the workplace and the physical risk factors.

Business center and plaza security Within the scope of the service, entrances and exits are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with cameras and alarm systems. Risk analysis performed by our professional teammates is very important. In this regard, the installation of electronic systems deemed necessary is carried out with the difference of Scor Security.

The security personnel working in our company are successful and experienced people in their field. The camera systems, alarms, detectors, x-ray devices and other technological equipment we use are compatible with today's technology. We provide services in many areas such as school security, hospital security, business center and plaza security, site and residence security, organization security, factory and facility security, close protection. You can review our blog posts to get detailed information about these services.

workplace safety You can contact us to get an offer and get detailed information about our service. Our address information, e-mail address and phone number are available on the contact page of our website.