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How to Become a Close Protection?

Life safety may be threatened due to social or commercial relations. With VIP security privileges, individuals and institutions may need to be protected at close distance. Therefore How to become a close guard? Questions such as "What are their responsibilities?" are frequently asked by people. As Scor Private Security Services, we act with an innovative and up-to-date approach.

Close Protection Services

There is a comprehensive training process that includes protection techniques, protocol rules and defense methods. Necessary precautions are taken in case of an unarmed or armed attack. First of all, existing risks and security vulnerabilities are identified. Then, close distance protection service is provided without interfering with the flow of the person's daily life.

Close Protection

In this sense, individuals who want to work in VIP security service must meet some conditions. People over the age of 18, male or female, have the right to operate in this field. Features such as responding to sudden events, crisis management and resilience to stressful conditions must be met. Along with all this, high communication skills and good command of etiquette are also very important.

People who want to become close protection personnel must also receive training in subjects such as using and carrying weapons, driving vehicles, and close martial arts.

Close Protection Privileges 

Scor Security There are some privileges that the services provide to people. In this regard, the measures taken by institutions vary according to the requests and needs. It is necessary to cooperate with the security units in the region. In addition to possible threat elements, it helps to get to know the current location more closely.

The current health conditions and wishes of people who are protected in close contact should be monitored. The timetable of the programs to be carried out throughout the day should be mastered. Any changes or adjustments can be made to the daily program. VIP security units are prepared for all these possibilities and changes. The security systems and other factors used are rearranged accordingly.

We provide service with our high-tech infrastructure and professional teams. With Scor security privilege How to become a close guard? You can have information about what areas it covers. To get detailed information and benefit from the services, you can contact us via our contact number and e-mail.