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What is Security Consultancy?

Our life and property safety may be at risk for many reasons, especially environmental factors. When we realize these risks, we should definitely get a consultancy service. an effective security consultancy With this, the adequacy rate of the measures currently taken can be understood more clearly. As Scor Private Security, individuals and institutions served are subjected to a comprehensive consultancy process.

What Does a Security Consultant Do?

It is extremely important to know the region in question more closely in order to prevent moral and material losses. The installed camera and alarm systems are audited. It also contributes to the effectiveness of existing equipment and security systems.

Security Consultancy Services 

It is known that individuals and institutions generally apply to private security companies. In direct proportion to the increasing demand in recent years, What does a security consultant do? The question also comes to mind. The aim is to get to know the targeted area more closely. For this reason, a comprehensive security plan is created after the necessary risk analysis process.

Security Advisor

What security measures are needed are decided by experts in the field of private security and close protection. Entrance and exit are controlled by methods such as identity control and door detectors. In addition, thanks to new generation imaging systems, it is monitored uninterruptedly by private security units. The required number of security personnel is also assigned for this job.

Possible threats are prevented from arising after operational processes that extend over time. Within the scope of Scor Security Services, security strategies are created according to the needs of our customers. Our company provides services in many areas such as school security, hospital security, shopping mall security, factory and facility security, organization security, hotel security and close protection.

Security consulting You can contact us to get information about other areas we serve in the field of private security. Our address, telephone number and e-mail address are available on the contact page of our website.