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Private security companies play an active role in events where public institutions and crowds come together. Security of life and property is ensured by private security services. Integrated Security The security of the area in question is ensured with the technological opportunities defined as the Management System. Regardless of open or closed environment, environmental security is provided with the help of devices such as alarm and imaging systems.

Integrated Security

As Scor Security, the necessary systems are decided according to the resource management of the institution served. We create a strategic plan together with our expert staff in the field of private security and close protection. Additionally, the needs of the sector in which you operate are also taken into consideration. In addition to monitoring the personnel and officials on duty, the new generation systems can be said to have made a significant contribution.

What is Integrated Security System? 

Various stages such as physical security, personnel training, alarm, camera systems and identification technology can be mentioned. It is legally expressed in the Private Security Services law in the relevant number. Security needs must be fully met within the scope of a single contract. Integrated security solutions services are provided effectively.

Integrated Security

In general, in security services, the precautions taken from the preparation process are very important. Private security officers need to be informed about current developments and techniques in the field. Then, comprehensive training is given on the use of security systems and defense methods. Successfully completes all training in the field of private security guards.

Finally, operational processes are managed with imaging and tracking systems. At the same time, optimum solutions are produced with strategic planning that we have specially developed. Negative events that may occur in the facilities where service is provided are prevented. Factors that may cause material and moral losses such as theft, extortion, fire can be given as examples.

We ensure your safety with our expert and experienced team in the field of private security and close protection. We provide services in the fields of school security, hospital security, shopping center security, business center and plaza security, site and residence security, factory security, organization security.

you too TOintegrated security You can contact us through communication channels to benefit from our systems and get information. Our contact number and e-mail address are available on our website.