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It is noted that there has been a numerical increase in shopping centers in recent years. Similar to bus terminals and terminals, many people enter. shopping mall security The safety of individuals is ensured thanks to the opportunities created by. Uninterrupted checks by private security officers are extremely important.

Shopping Mall Security Service

Elements that put the shopping center at risk in terms of security are determined. Field work is carried out under the supervision of experts in the field of close protection and security. The aim is for individuals who come to socialize and shop to spend their time in peace. In addition, we act together with law enforcement officers in cases that will cause social chaos.

Shopping Mall Security Solutions

Cinemas, food courts, amusement parks and various businesses serve within the shopping center. Therefore, a strategic plan is created according to the needs of the sectors in question. As Scor Security Services, we work with many public institutions and private sector organizations. According to the number of visitors and external factors shopping mall security We create an action plan for you.

Shopping Mall Security

Camera systems, door detectors and alarm systems are installed at designated points. A patrol plan is created 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In situations that threaten life safety, such as theft and injury, intervention can be made in advance. It is also useful in retrospective investigations.

Fire exits are checked against possible disasters such as earthquakes and fire, and life safety is ensured by rapid evacuation in case of disaster. Fire extinguishers and emergency bells are placed at accessible points in the shopping center.

Istanbul Private Security Company 

Our security personnel working within our organization are trained and experienced in their field. Scor Security We provide training on current developments in the sector. In this way, we aim to raise the service quality to the highest level. Apart from these, the electronic equipment we use are devices that adapt to current technology.

Outside the shopping mall; We have many service areas such as school security, organization security, hospital security, business center security, factory security, site and residence security, and private protection. We are preferred among private security companies in Istanbul with our innovative service approach. shopping mall security You can contact our experienced staff to get detailed information about the advantages it provides to people and to benefit from the services.