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Shopping Mall Security Service

The number of people in shopping malls, especially in big cities, is very high. Having so many people together makes security measures mandatory. Shopping Mall Security We are at your service with our services in the field. With the security system we will provide in the shopping center, we create a peaceful environment for both employees and customers in the shopping center.

shopping mall securityWhy is Shopping Mall Security Important?

Shopping centers have become social places where many activities and events take place along with shopping. It is important to provide a safe environment in shopping malls that are frequently visited by people. Scor Security works diligently to ensure this safe environment.

Regulation of shopping mall entrances and exits, electronic security systems and controls made by private security guards play an important role in ensuring the safety of life and property. In addition, immediate intervention by private security guards to the incidents that occur, establishing the necessary contact and coordination with law enforcement forces ensures the prevention of possible damages and losses.

Therefore, it provides a safe environment for both visitors, companies and employees. Shopping Mall Security services must be performed professionally. Conducting shopping mall risk and security analyses, determining security strategies, and reporting security services are within the scope of shopping mall security services. The fact that private security guards working in shopping malls are knowledgeable and experienced, careful during their duties and able to work in coordination plays an important role in the success of the security service, which stands out with its regulatory, preventive and protective features.

Powers Possessed by the Security Officer

  • Can stop people or vehicles entering the shopping center and ask for ID.
  • It can search people entering the shopping center with sensitive doors, detectors and x-ray devices.
  • They can keep the incriminating items they see on the X-ray device and report the situation to the higher teams.
  • He has the authority to use force in situations such as attack, robbery and battery that occur in the shopping mall.

Scor Security outside of mall security; It has many services such as hospital security, factory security, workplace security, residential and site security, school security, organization security, and special protection. You can get information and benefit from our services by contacting us.