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Site and Housing Security

One of the points that people who want to buy a house pay attention to is the security of the site. Everyone wants to live in a house where they will not have any problems with their family and loved ones and where they will feel safe. Site and Housing Security We also provide services in the field. Private security services that come into play at this point play an important role in ensuring your home security.

Site and Housing Security

Ensuring Site and Housing Security

In housing and site security, first of all, risk analysis is carried out by making a survey for the house/site. According to this risk analysis, security strategies are determined and the necessary electronic infrastructure is established. Scor Security The electronic equipment used by the services is compatible with developing technology.

Site and residence security is provided uninterruptedly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The private security guards who will serve are experienced personnel who have successfully completed their theoretical and practical training. With this; They are disciplined and careful while working. They work selflessly without losing their motivation. In ensuring the safety of life and property; Private security services, which have both preventive features with their deterrent elements and protective features with their immediate intervention elements, contribute to a peaceful and safe social life.

What Does Residential Security Services Include?

Site and Housing Security What has been done to ensure this is as follows:

  • The identity of foreigners entering the site is checked and the owner of the flat they are going to is informed. These people are not allowed on the site without the permission of the landlord.
  • The license plates of vehicles entering the parking lot on the site are recorded, and foreign vehicles are not allowed in.
  • Patrol teams visit the site day and night. Regular checks are carried out throughout the area.
  • Extra security protection can be provided in areas within the site that are not intended to be entered.
  • Precautions are taken against natural disasters such as fire or earthquake that may occur within the site. Fire exits are checked regularly and the building is evacuated quickly.
  • The requests and complaints of people living on the site are listened to, and other security measures can be taken upon request.
  • The owners of the cargo coming to people living within the site are informed and taken to the site.

Scor Security Our services are available in many areas. We offer a security service according to your wishes and needs. To get detailed information and service from us, you can easily contact our phone number and e-mail address on the contact page of our website.