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Temporary Event and Organization Security

It is important to keep the security level at a high level in places where many people come together for various organizations and events. There is a high probability that incidents such as robbery, purse-snatching, and armed attacks will occur in events where there are many people entering and exiting. Temporary Event and Organization Security We help you with the services we provide in the field. We meet your security needs with the experience of our security personnel and our state-of-the-art electronic equipment.

Temporary Event and Organization SecurityTemporary Event and Organization Security

While organizing organizations and events, the legal permissions required to ensure security must be obtained. Security personnel and electronic equipment are arranged according to the area of the organization and the number of people attending. Security measures are taken both inside and outside the event area. Scor Security It offers a high level of security service for every organization you organize.

We can list some of the events and organizations we serve as follows:

  • Security of concert organizations
  • Security of sports organizations and sports facilities
  • Security of invitation organizations
  • Security of fair organizations
  • Security of conferences, seminars and interviews

Security Measures Taken at Events and Organizations

Temporary Event and Organization Security While providing this information, every situation and possible risks are taken into consideration and a plan is created accordingly. Sensitive doors, detectors and x-ray devices are used for people entering the organization area. Even identity checks can be performed when necessary. The most important thing at an event is that people should not be in chaos and should follow safety rules. For this purpose, security personnel can guide the guests.

Security teams are constantly communicating with each other via radio. If a suspicious situation or person is detected, it is reported to other teams and help is received from law enforcement when necessary. Cameras placed in the event area are monitored 24/7. Security personnel provide first aid to people who are injured or unwell during the event. Likewise, we minimize the damage by rapid evacuation against disasters such as earthquakes and fire.

As Scor Security, we aim to always provide the services we offer to you with a high level of quality. You can consult us for any service you want to receive in the field of security. To get more detailed information and benefit from the services, you can easily reach us via our phone number and e-mail address in the contact section of our website.