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People in many areas benefit from security services. Security personnel and companies serve this security need. In places where there is a large crowd of people, the need for extra security arises. Especially Unarmed Security Services Demand in the field is increasing. Our company, Scor Security, provides you with special protection services.

unarmed securityUnarmed Security Services Privileges

Some security personnel serve with or without weapons. For institutions that want to receive security services, first risk analysis and security vulnerabilities are identified. As a result of these analyses, the necessary electronic equipment and security personnel are arranged. Cameras, alarms and other equipment are placed in the area to be protected. These systems are monitored and controlled by security personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Private security External risks that may occur in places where the system is installed are prevented. Patrols carry out surveillance inside and outside the building. In suspicious cases, they contact law enforcement and receive support. It is important to work in coordination, especially in sectors with human density such as shopping malls, business centers and banks. Since there is also money flow in these places, there is a high risk of incidents such as mugging, robbery and attack.

Scor Security Service Areas

Our company, which has been providing you with security services for more than 20 years, serves individuals and institutions in many areas. Above all else, ensuring your safety is our first priority. We aim to always keep the service quality we offer at the highest level.

  • Hospital Security
  • School Safety
  • Business Center and Plaza Security
  • Shopping Mall Security
  • Airport Security
  • Site and Housing Security
  • Fair Security
  • Organization Security
  • Construction and Site Safety
  • Hotel Security
  • VIP Close Protection

Unarmed Security We increase service quality with our armed security personnel. The cameras, alarms, x-ray devices, detectors and other technological equipment we use to increase the security system are compatible with today's technology. Our security personnel are familiar with the use and technology of this equipment. To benefit from special security services, just contact us. You can reach our address, telephone number and e-mail address from the contact page on our website.