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Private security guards provide services in many places depending on the needs of individuals and institutions. It is necessary to take security precautions, especially in places where many people gather together. security personnel Special Security Authorizations They can use them in dangerous situations. It is aimed to protect the life and property safety of people.

special security clearancesWhat are Special Security Authorizations?

  • When a foreign person or guest enters the building where security is provided, they have the authority to ask for identification.
  • If someone wanted for a serious crime is detected, security personnel have the authority to arrest him. People who behave suspiciously are notified to law enforcement.
  • They can search the persons and belongings of people entering the building with detectors and x-ray devices.
  • He has the authority to take into custody any sharp, piercing, injurious or any other criminal property.
  • They have the authority to arrest people for whom there is an arrest warrant in the area where they work.
  • They have the authority to deposit abandoned or forgotten items.

Things to Consider in the Security System

As Scor Security, first of all, inspections and risk analyzes are carried out in the area where security will be ensured. Many factors such as building size, person capacity and location are taken into consideration. A security plan is made according to the risk analysis. In line with the plan security personnel and technological equipment is adjusted.

X-ray devices and detectors are used in large places such as shopping malls, banks, and business centers. The belongings of people entering the building pass through the x-ray device. People must also pass through sensitive doors. Security cameras are placed at many points inside and outside the building. Cameras are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by security personnel. Alarms are installed in case of events such as fire and earthquake. Fire exits are checked and made available for use. During a disaster, evacuation is ensured with minimal damage.

As Scor Security, we have been providing security services to many companies for 20 years. We provide security services in many areas such as school security, hospital security, shopping center security, hotel security, site and residential security, business center and plaza security, organization security, close protection. Special Security Authorizations Please contact us to get detailed information about our products and services.