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Airports are places that exist in all of our lives from age 7 to 70. The security of these places, which we enter with one or more suitcases and hand luggage, is ensured in detail. Security should be ensured by experienced security guards, compatible with technology and planning according to the location of the area. This security is taken not only in property security but also in life security. How to Ensure Airport Security The question has many explanations. As Scor Security, we provide you with safe service both at the airport and in many areas.

How to Ensure Airport SecurityHow to Ensure Airport Security and Security Services

Airports are air transportation facilities established in very large areas. Millions of people use airports during the day. The security of these people and areas is ensured by various personnel and technologically advanced devices. Additionally, our trained dogs are also part of our security plans.

Our professional security personnel, who have completed their training, have 24/7 working plans. They work meticulously and take precautions for airport security without missing a single detail. In addition, our arriving guests are subject to identity checks by our security personnel. In addition, our security personnel do not only control our incoming guests. It also ensures area security. They tour the area alternately during certain duty hours and observe any danger that may occur.

Apart from these, we keep your security at the highest level with our technologically advanced camera systems, sensitive doors and X-RAY devices. We make security planning and place cameras in places where there are security vulnerabilities. At airport security With X-RAY devices, we take rapid action against anything that may pose a danger in the incoming baggage.

Apart from these security systems, we try to quickly ensure the safety of our guests in case of any fire or possible danger by using alarm systems.

Finally, we check the luggage with our trained dogs and remove any foreign objects found safely and quickly from the area. We contact authorized persons for the luggage owner. We keep airport security at the highest level.

How to Ensure Airport SecurityWhat are the rules that our arriving passengers must follow?

  • During the ID check, you must put the luggage you have with you or in your hand on the X-RAY band.
  • Place the metal items you are wearing in the plastic containers shown by our security personnel.
  • Arrive early before your flight time and stand in line at the checkpoint. And do not cross the red dot before the passengers in front of you are finished.

Scor as security How to Ensure Airport Security We ensure your security with security plans tailored to your needs for different security areas. We work in line with this planning with our expert security staff and advanced technological devices. To get more information about Scor Security Services, you can contact us through our contact number and e-mail address on our WEBSITE.